Foundation for Active Compassion

The Foundation for Active Compassion provides the vehicle for Lama John Makransky, with associate teachers and the meditation teachers that he has trained, to nourish activists and caregivers with contemplative methods that evoke greater motivation, fuller presence to others, and joy in the midst of challenging work.

For Social Justice Activists

  • Empowering social justice activists by equipping them to return to their deepest sources of motivation, energy and joy so as to embody the spirit of service that inspires others.
  • Drawing on the power of natural awareness and spontaneous compassion practices to support a vast unfolding of effective, holistic responses to social and ecological need in our world today.
  • Providing practices of contemplation and action that can support a complete path of spiritual awakening.

For Social Service Workers and Caregivers

  • Providing contemplative training designed for all who serve others either professionally or in home or community - teachers, counselors, social workers, pastors, therapists, nurses, doctors, hospice workers, community volunteers, those who take care of elderly parents, etc.
  • Offering guided meditations that ease participants into a state of compassionate communion and simple, natural awareness, for their own deep replenishment and for more effectiveness and joy in their work with others.

For Dharma Students

  • To receive and extend loving compassion helps the mind relax into its most natural state: the liberating wisdom of simplicity, openness, and presence beyond self-clinging. By resting in its natural state, the mind can further unleash its innate capacity of loving compassion. As this synergy of love and wisdom unfolds, we become more fully present to others -- communing with them in the depth of their being instead of reacting from habitual judgments.
  • When that unity of love and wisdom is embodied in our daily lives -- within relationships, service and action -- it becomes a powerful force to heal our world and to remake it into a place of mutual reverence, care and joy. The ancient bodhisattva path of enlightenment comes newly alive in the particulars of our lives.
  • Included are guided meditations and teachings to evoke the wisdom in the nature of mind that cuts through obscurations, to uncover the spirit of enlightenment (bodhicitta) in its absolute and relative aspects, and to take that spirit into all aspects of our lives and our work with others. 
Foundation for Active Compassion
 Mission Statement
To empower people with profound, accessible spiritual practices
that support their individual and collective work to become better people and to make a better world.

We provide powerfully transformative practices from Tibetan Buddhism, adapted into new forms that can meet the hearts and minds of people from all backgrounds and faiths, so as to help them bring out the best in themselves within relationships, service, and social action.

Through practices that awaken the heart of innate wisdom and compassion, we also provide methods that can support a complete path of spiritual awakening in our time.