What might Alan Turing have worked on if, instead of dying two years after publication of his paper on morphogenesis he had lived several more decades? Perhaps the Meta-Morphogenesis project?

At one stage I intended this to be an alternative home for the Meta-Morphogenesis project.
But that proved too cumbersome.
So this page is hardly ever updated.
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How many forms of information processing, natural and artificial, arose through changes
in mechanisms of evolution, individual development, learning, social collaboration, social
 learning, technological advances, symbiosis, changes in ecosystems, producing changes
in requirements, in information contents, in forms of representation, in mechanisms, in
architectures and the processes of change.

How many mathematical discoveries were blindly used by evolution in solving hard design
and construction problems?

Aaron Sloman
School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham UK
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How can a cloud of dust produce all this???

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High level overviews:

      My doings -- a high level overview (since about 1960

     The Cognition and Affect project
     Work at Sussex University (COGS) then Birmingham University (CS)

    Origins, overviews, architectures
     Presentations (mostly pdf)
     Miscellaneous notes and discussions

     The Free Poplog Portal

     Cosy Project (2004-2008) Papers, discussions, presentations

      (Updated 2016)
      The Computer Revolution in Philosophy: Philosophy, Science and Models of Mind (1978)
      (With annotations in the online version, since 2002)

      Knowing and Understanding: Oxford DPhil thesis 1962 (online 2016)
Relations between meaning and truth,
meaning and necessary truth,
meaning and synthetic necessary truth

More specific topics:

     Overview of the Meta-Morphogenesis Project
      A DRAFT list of types of transitions in biological information processing
      (or Varieties of Evolved Computation)

     Construction-kits for evolving life (fundamental and derived, concrete, abstract
     and hybrid, scaffolding...
     Tutorial on the Meta-Morphogenesis project at IJCAI 2016, New York
      Tutorial T24: If Turing had lived longer, how might he have investigated
      what AI and Philosophy can learn
from evolved information processing systems?

      Toddler theorems and related topics
     Thinky programming and other kinds
     Tips on how to teach thinky programming

     Video tutorials on AI programming

     The SimAgent Toolkit

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