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Ah yes, my jailbreak guide. Before I get into the background of how it came into being, I will save all of the ones looking for the download link straightaway, it's just over there >>. 

Anyway, the background. After reading about the jailbreak scene for months before actually owning my iPod I was quite up straight with a) Whether I was going to jailbreak it and b) How to jailbreak it.

Now, I won’t bore you with which guides I followed, which apps I installed and which I think are the best apps out there (though never say never) and so I will just say that I took the best guides I found and merged into one lovely guide (permissions in place, of course). 

You may be wondering why I would bother to make such a guide when there are perfectly good guides out there that which are written by proper hackers and this is the attitude I had until my friend, who also got an iPod for Christmas, started to quiz me on how I got mine to look so damn cool and I realized, there was no definitive way to tell him. 

All of my knowledge gained was chopped from forums, mixed in with some tutorials, some software here and ended up where I am today. Now due to me not keeping a log of the guides used or being assed to trawl through my browser history I decided that I’m going to be a good samaritan and make a nice PDF for him. I tell a lie, it as also written for myself for if I ever had to restore and then I know how I did it all.

After spending, quite literally, hours finding all of the guides I followed I copy and pasted it into Pages, corrected all of the spelling mistakes, updated the links, added my own experience and tips, got all of the appropriate permissions from the original authors and made it look pretty I decided that, if I was willing to spend some time on it, I could be the one that made that definitive guide on the net. Well, that's the mindset I had when it was being penned at least. 

As you can see, this is all being offered up free and out of the goodness of my heart and my only terms are in the PDF so take a look if you find yourself wanting to change or distribute it, it’s quite lenient I feel. This guide is also on the Mods and Hacks section of the Apple iPhone School's site which, if you haven’t heard of, is fabulous. Beats me anyway ;-). Their Custom Icons page is also a great resource for anyone looking for new icons for their apps.

Enjoy the guide and feel free to send me an email or some tips if you feel I’ve left something out or have something wrong.

Download PDF