UPDATE: After discovering Wordpress I have decided to collapse my blog and site into a single account. You can find my new site here.


So this is my new Google Pages site, not too shabby ey :) May not have the same status as a 'proper' site but hey, it's free and I don't have to worry about hosting and bandwidth etc so I'm not complaining. If you recognise the writing style and content then it may be due to this being my .Mac replacement as the £70 it would of cost to buy the membership was not really justified when you take into consideration the pathetic traffic I get, the slow speeds and the fact that Google can do all that I need with 0 the costs.

Anyway, what will this site be about? Well I think, at least to start with, my main aim will be concerned with iPod touch hacks and jailbreaks as, really, it is the only thing in which I feel I am seasoned and weathered enough to advise others on and also have been around since the start of the ‘scene’. Also, due to the fast pace of the topic it'll keep me fed with info for me to write about.

Seeing as this is my homepage I think it may be a good idea to give you little information about myself, your host as you could call me if you’re feeling formal. With that in mind, check out my blog over on Blogger to get the low down on myself and see who’s behind it all as well as the latest news in the jailbreaking world and also maybe some of my own day to day experiences.

On this site you’ll also find my definitive iPod touch Jailbreak Guide for all of those aspiring hackers and those just merely curious. It contains easy to follow, no-skill-required methods and a rich glossary for all of those arcane words such as ‘jailbreak’ and ‘bricking’.