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Photo 1: Submitted by Steve Erdmann
Photo 2: Nate Grimm
Photo 3: Josh Honeck
Photo 4:  Amy Keliher

Slinger Community Park article click here.

Slinger school District Family Recreation Survey Fall 2013 link to raw data
 (student written analysis
  student audio analysis)

Sociology, Intro to Engineering, Park and Rec Dept Collaboration link

Allenton Recreation paper
Spring 2014 link

Sports and Recreation seems to have a prominent place in the Slinger Area past and present. The research shown is a collaboration between students and the residents of the Slinger Area in trying to document and preserve some stories and facts about Slinger Area Sports and Recreation.  What is shown is a work-in-progress.  Students are researching things a little bit at a time.

General area rec comment by Jerry Pok

Note: this site is part of a larger project between Slinger High School, the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture, and the Slinger Area History/Culture Committee.   Slinger High School was one of four WI High Schools to receive a "Bringing It Home" grant from the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture in 2013-2014 School Year.  Funds for this grant were provided by the National Endowment of the Arts and the State of Wisconsin.  

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photo one: Nate Grimm
photo two:  Nate Grimm
photo three: Amy Keliher
photo four: submitted by Steve Erdmann

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