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(photo of Old Slinger HS, left, submitted by Troy Risse, Slinger Fire Department History Committee, date of photo unknown)
(photo of St. Peter's School, submitted by Leah Bell from her grandma, Eileen Bell in 2013.  Date of photo, unknown, sometime before 1949)

At the close of the 2013-2014 school year, we witness the 100th graduating class at Slinger High School, a high school that has over 950 students, three elementary schools, and a middle school within the Slinger School District.  We also have several parochial schools within the Slinger School District geographic area.   Parents and the community take great pride in their schools.  Many local realtors add the phrase "Within the Slinger School District" as a positive selling point.     Below you'll find several research categories regarding schools from within the Slinger School District.    

"Enter to Learn.  Go Forth to Serve."   (motto near this Owl which was above the entrance to the Old HS)

Table of Contents for Schools Category:   (Note: this is a starting point)

-Research conducted by the 1969 Slinger Centennial Committee (click here)
-Research conducted by Joe Wikrent and John Roever for 1984 Slinger Historical Album (click here)
-Select interviews and text, Introductory video (below) and Lip Dub Performance (below)  2013-2014
-One Room Schools (Sub page one at bottom of this page)  Gathered in 2013-2014

-Former physical education teacher, Peg Lidington, captured in narrative form by Ally Steger/Tami Horak (2014):

Peg Lidington graduated from Slinger High School in 1938.  There were no sports for girls at that time.  She went to La Crosse to be a physical education teacher.

Peg was hired as a physical education teacher at Slinger in the 1940s. At that time, Slinger did not have a gymnasium. Peg had to make use of the surrounding Slinger area. She sent the kids on “Penny Hikes”.  The kids would flip a penny; if it was heads they would turn right, tails they would turn left.

-Dick Nowicki creating Honours, Inc (story by Marilyn Mayer from Sam Neumann interview, April 2014) (Click here)
              For more on Honours, Inc. click here.   

-Former school board member and first female school board member, Marilyn (Wolf) Mayer, discusses time on the school board. Collected by Sophomore Jessica Strupp, April 2014.   Click Here.   

_Click here for an interview clip from Sam Neumann with Marilyn Mayer interview discussing history of Slinger School District, April 2014   Click Here.  

-Former school superintendent, Joe Wikrent,  interview text from November 2013:
 The first High School building was built in 1910. Then the next addition had an entrance that had the Owl high above the door on the outside.  That addition was long before the Owl became the mascot. Also on the outside, under the Owl, was a cement plaque that said Slinger High School and the date in Roman numerals.  We were able to save the Owl and the plaque, but we couldn't save the saying that was also in cement.  It said, "Enter to learn Go forth to Serve".   I always liked that.   Also I told the kids that the owl was a symbol of wisdom and a fierce fighter, whenever they got "down" on our mascot. -E-mail interview with Joe Wikrent, 11-25-13

-The Owl Mascot history (from the Redmen to the Owls to Owl Eyes) still being researched. More in Community Club section on OWL EYES  (Don Thies referencing his work with Corey Foerster)
-Note that the research for SHS booster clubs is in the Sports and Recreation area

*Introductory Video from December 2013(See below): Sophomore student, Samanantha Murrenthus, used John Roever and Joe Wikrent's research in the Slinger Historical Album (150 Years Anniversary) along with her interest in anime (Slinger High School has an anime club and a subculture of students interested in this art form in 2013) to produce a short video on Slinger school history starting with the one-room school on Buchanon Street.   Future history students will be searching for real photos from the buildings she referenced in her video.   

     (You'll notice that two items mentioned in her video were accurate for when the book was written but inaccurate for 2013-2014 (# of students in 2013-2014 are 2,909 and the original high school is no longer in use).  

YouTube Video: Slinger Schools

-Former band director, principal, superintendent, Ron Rueckl  (entry added July 2014, Committee)

-"If you always do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."  Ron Rueckl
Ron Rueckl served the Slinger School District for 37 years.  He was a band director from 1954 to 1957, the high school principal from 1957-1977, and the superintendent of schools from 1977 to 1991.  He also was a leader of the village parks program, and a past president of the Slinger Advancement Association and the Slinger Rotary.   Many of his values are still a part of the Slinger School District in 2014.   Administrators in the Slinger School District still are actively involved in both the Advancement Association and the Rotary.  Slinger is a high achieving, but low spending district filled with hard working faculty and staff supplemented by many community volunteers: much of this is a reflection of aspects of the community, but also aspects of what Ron stressed as a leader. 

At his retirement party at the Linden Inn on Big Cedar Lake in 1991, the room was filled with friends, family, and community members.  Over 15 people came to the microphone to speak about Ron.  In addition to giving Ron several gifts, the Slinger School Board announced that stipends for Innovative Teaching Awards would be given to worthy projects in the district in tribute to Ron.  Former superintendent Joe Wikrent (HS principal at time of Ron's retirement) emceed the event and there were some great moments during the ceremony, especially when Joe interacted with Ron.   According to Marilyn Rueckl, "Ron and Joe nurtured each other.  Their friendship was only surpassed by that of Dick Nowicki." 

The following is an excerpt from Ron's speech and epitomized Ron's values, which are still quite prominent in the Slinger School District today.  The video was given to us by Marilyn Rueckl, Ron's wife with a note about the content of the speech.  "Ron was a very humble man who was devoted to 'service above self.'  He gave so much and truly expected nothing in return.  He gave his all to Slinger education and community service.  You will hear that in his speech."  Click on this link to learn more about Ron and click on the clip below to see/hear him speak. 

Excerpt from Ron Rueckl retirement ceremony

Lip Dub (spring 2014):  Produced by senior, Eric Kuhn, the Lip Dub was a culmination of a year of planning largely led by Slinger business teacher, Brad Naumann, other business and school student and faculty leaders, but also with the support of Principal Phil Ourada.  The driving question:  It's the 100th graduating class at Slinger High School: How can we visually represent what it means to attend Slinger High School today?    Sociology students spent a follow-up lesson discussing the nature of groups, in-groups/out-groups, and how schools often are a microcosm of larger society.  They earlier looked at historical annuals to discuss norms and values in the Slinger area from different times in history when analyzing local culture. 

Lip Dub

*Subpage One:   One Room Schools:  Student interviews with people who have experience with one-room schools within the Slinger School District.   Please click on Subpage One below.