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Welcome to the Slinger Area History and Culture Project website managed by the Slinger High School Social Studies Department and built with the collaboration of various local teachers, community members, and students.   The core research for this website was completed by Slinger High School history and sociology students. This website was established in 2013.
MISSION OF SITE:  To provide a place for students and community members to share what they've researched regarding historical and cultural aspects of the Slinger area in a way that's accessible to the community.  This research builds off the research conducted by the Slinger Advancement Association,  the Slinger Area Music Boosters Association, the Washington County Historical Society, and other local community members.   While it will not initially capture every angle of every part of the school district area, research will steadily move towards a comprehensive look at the way of life of the people in this area with each new story that is added.  During the process of showcasing parts of the historical and cultural identity of the Slinger area, we hope students will not only learn about the history and culture of the Slinger area, but gain important experience in collaboration, inquiry, observation, documentation, writing, photography, art, and design that might help them in college, in career, or as citizens.   

LAYOUT OF THE SITE:  You can expect notes, stories, audio, video, artwork, and still images involving various historical and cultural aspects of the Slinger area.  Some of the content of the site mirrors the categories created by the Slinger Advancement Association in their book, Slinger Historical Album: Schleisinger to Slinger: 125 Years 1869-1994 (see Related Links page) and the suggested categories provided by the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture organization involving people, place, and time.  Slinger was one of four school districts in the state selected for the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture 2013-2014 "Bringing It Home" Project, a project that encourages teachers and students to work with community members on building awareness of local culture. Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture's partners are the Wisconsin Arts Board, the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures at UW-Madison, and the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire. Funding for WTLC is provided by the National Endowment of the Arts and the State of Wisconsin.
Please email slingerhistoryculture@gmail.com with original photos, historical or cultural information you'd like to add, story ideas for students, or questions for committee members.  We hope to make local history and culture as accessible as possible while inspiring youth to learn about the community around them.