Research papers

We have published a number of papers from the SLIM research, including a special edition of Environmental Science & Policy:
Social Learning: an alternative policy instrument for managing in the context of Europe's water (Guest editors: Chris Blackmore, Ray Ison and Janice Jiggens)
Volume 10, Issue 6, Pages 493-586 (October 2007)  
What kinds of knowledge, knowing and learning are required for addressing resource dilemmas?: a theoretical overview
Pages 512-525
Chris Blackmore

The organisation of social learning in response to perceptions of crisis in the water sector of The Netherlands
Pages 526-536
Janice Jiggins, Erik van Slobbe, Niels Röling

The role of knowledge and research in facilitating social learning among stakeholders in natural resources management in the French Atlantic coastal wetlands
Pages 537-550
Patrick Steyaert, Marco Barzman, Jean-Paul Billaud, Hélène Brives, Bernard Hubert, Guillaume Ollivier, Bénédicte Roche

Combining social learning with agro-ecological research practice for more effective management of nitrate pollution
Pages 551-563
Marco Toderi, Neil Powell, Giovanna Seddaiu, Pier Paolo Roggero, David Gibbon