Case studies

The SLIM partners used an action research approach for exploring social learning for managing water in a range of case studies in the partner countries.  Some of these are 'catchment' based, some focus on policy and stakeholders.   
The main case study areas and topics are:
  1. Drentsche Aa, Netherlands
  2. Overijsselse Vecht, Netherlands
  3. Key informant studies, Netherlands
  4. Nitrates in Marche region (see public theatre event about water and nitrates),  Italy
  5. Atlantic Wetlands Forum, France
  6. Natura 2000 Atlantic Wetlands, France
  7. Cattle breed and Atlantic Wetlands, France
  8. Tweed catchment, UK
  9. Ythan catchment, UK
  10. England and Welsh policy context.
  11. Scottish policy context
  12. Analysis of the Water Framework Directive
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