Welcome to the home page of the SLIM project:
Social Learning for the Integrated Managing and sustainable use of water at catchment scale
Our research is about how social learning approaches can help progress more integrated managing and sustainable use of water at catchment scales.
SLIM is a multi-country research project funded by the European Commission (DG RESEARCH – 5th Framework Programme for research and technological development, 1998–2002). Its main theme is the investigation of the socio-economic aspects of the sustainable use of water.
SLIM research is likely to be of interest to policy-makers and practitioners interested in new ways of managing of water and also other natural resources. It is directly relevant to Member States' efforts to implement the European Water Framework Directive. 
The SLIM project ran from February 2001 to May 2004 and involved about 30 researchers from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.
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Funded by the European Union as part of the research programme Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development in the Fifth Framework Programme.
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