Core Value Types

The datastore supports the following core value types:

Type Java class Sort order Notes
short text, <= 500 characters java.lang.String Unicode A value longer than 500 characters throws a IllegalArgumentException.
short byte array, <= 500 bytes byte order A value longer than 500 bytes throws a IllegalArgumentException.
Boolean value boolean or java.lang.Boolean false < true
integer short, java.lang.Short, int, java.lang.Integer, long, java.lang.Long Numeric Stored as long integer, then converted to the field type. Out-of-range values overflow.
floating point number float, java.lang.Float, double, java.lang.Double Numeric Stored as double-width float, then converted to the field type. Out-of-range values overflow.
date-time java.util.Date Chronological
enumjava.lang.EnumUnicode Stored as Enum#name()
Google account By email address (Unicode)
long text (not orderable) Not indexed.
long byte array (not orderable) Not indexed.
entity key, or the referenced object (as a child) By path elements (kind, ID or name, kind, ID or name...)
a category Unicode
an email address Unicode
a geographical point By latitude, then longitude
an instant messaging handle Unicode
a URL Unicode
a phone number Unicode
a postal address Unicode
a user-provided rating, an integer between 0 to 100 Numeric


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