SLiKSurface (Multi-touch computer research and development)

(Note: This wiki is new and more information is scheduled to come. Please stay tuned and check back.)

SLiKSurface is an open source multi-touch project with two main parts:

  • Construction of a low cost, zero-force, multi-touch computer.
  • Development of intuitive multi-touch software catering to all ages.


The monitor will be a 3ft by 4ft glass plate with a projection screen attached to it (over or under, not sure yet). It will sit about 42 inches above the ground, so it will act as a table for users to sit around. At each corner of the table there will be an infrared laser pointed about a millimeter above the surface, parallel to the surface and diffracted so that each point on the surface is hit with each laser. Beneath the surface is a short throw projector and a IR sensing camera for the purpose of picking up inputs and projecting an appropriate display. When a finger is present at the surface, the IR light is reflected downward into the camera and actions are taken to react to the touch as a click, drag or hold etc.

SLiKware (Software for SLiKSurface)

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We aim to create software that is as intuitive as possible to accommodate both young and old. We want every application to take advantage of the ability to drag, resize and maneuver by sliding ones fingers. To start we will create an on screen keyboard that appears when two palms are placed on the surface. The size of the keyboard, spacing of the keys and orientation of the keyboard will be a function of the size, spacing and orientation of the palms.