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This website serves as my central clearing house for all of my youtube videos and bobblehead modification hacks.  I've designed this site with two types of visitors in mind, beginners and experienced collectors.  If you are just starting your Giants bobblehead collection, watch my videos or check out the photo gallery to decide what you want to add next.  If you have most of them already, I offer advice on growing your collection further and how to tell if you're about to make a bad trade.   If you feel brave enough, I have posted technical advice on how to modify your basic bobblehead into something completely new.   

As always, thanks for watching.  Go Giants!  Bye!

- Slideball

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40 Reasons to Collect Bobbleheads

40 Reasons to Collect Bobbleheads

2015 Giants Bobblehead Games
  • Tue, Apr 14
    Madison Bumgarner MVP Bobblehead
    First 40,000 Fans
  • Sat, May 9
    Superheroes and Comics Nigh
    Hunter Pence 'Fence Catch' Bobblehead
    First 40,000 Fans
  • Tuesday, May 19
    Japanese Heritage Night *
    Travis Ishikawa Bobblehead
  • Sat, May 30
    Giants Postseason Heroes Bobblehead
    First 40,000 Fans,
    either Belt, Crawford, or Petit
  • Monday, June 1
    KNBR Night *
    Murph and Mac Bobblehead
  • Sat, Jun 13
    Giants Postseason Heroes Bobblehead
    First 40,000
    either Affeldt, Ishikawa, or Panik

  • *Limited Edition, Special event ticket required
  • The latest craze in Giants lore: Rally Bobbleheads