Typically, a 50g shop-bought portion of taramasalata is around 7pp/around 300kcal. In a restaurant it's usually much higher than that...but my version is a mere 2pp/approx.82kcal per portion!

It couldn't be more simple to make either.

If you can get hold of fresh cod roe, it is always preferable. However, it has a very short seasonal availability and is also quite hard to find if you don't live near to a great deli. I have found that the tinned version works extremely well in this recipe.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 4)

200g tin pressed cod roe

(NOT soft cod roe)

150g Total yoghurt 2% fat

juice of 2 lemons

black pepper

paprika/sumac to garnish


Open the tin of cod roe using the key on the bottom of the tin.

(This is old-fashioned stuff you know!)

You'll see that pressed cod roe is very compact and solid.

Tip the roe into a mixing bowl and break it down slightly by mashing with a fork.

Add the yoghurt and mix together. I use the 2% fat Total yoghurt as it gives a creamier finish to this recipe.

You can use the 0% fat version if you prefer.

Squeeze 2 lemons and add the juice to taste. I love my taramasalata really citrusy as it compliments the strong fishy flavour of the cod roe, so I use it all.

Season generously with black pepper to taste.

Mix again with a fork. You could serve it at this stage...

...however, if you blend it using a hand stick blender, you will greatly improve the texture of the taramasalata.

By blending, it removes the slight grittiness of the roe and emulsifies the dip to produce a very creamy, aerated, authentic dish.

Pop into a serving dish or weigh into 4 separate portions which makes it much easier to track the propoints/calories.

Sprinkle with paprika or sumac, then chill for at least an hour before serving.

This helps the taramasalata to firm up.



You could serve like this, as part of a fabulous deli board. I weighed everything into individual bowls for easy portion control.

I served it with a tahini/yoghurt dip, 

some marinated prawns (shop-prepared), generous amounts of cucumber and carrot sticks, and warm mini bagels.