Summer Berry Eton Mess

This amazing dessert serves 4 and works out to 2pp/approx.150kcal per portion.


YOU WILL NEED : (serves 4)

4 individual meringue nests

2 small pots (170g each)

Fage 0% fat Total Greek yoghurt

100g punnet blueberries

225g punnet fresh raspberries

1 pomegranate


Empty the yoghurt into a large bowl.

Crush 3 of the meringue nests roughly and mix gently into the yoghurt.

Put a few berries and half the pomegranate to one side for later.

Gently mix the remaining blueberries, raspberries and half the pomegranate seeds into the yoghurt/meringue mixture.

The best way to loosen the pomegranate seeds is to halve the fruit then bash each half hard with a wooden spoon over the bowl.

If you want to avoid pink spray everywhere, pop it into a small freezer bag first-this will catch all the seeds and juice for you! Add the juice too-it will turn the Eton Mess a very pretty pale pink. Stir through gently to get a 'marbled' effect.

When you're ready to serve the pudding, crush the last meringue nest on top and scatter with the berries you put to one side earlier.

The final flourish is the addition of the jewel-like pomegranate seeds from the remaining half, decadently piled high like shimmering garnets!

If the weather allows, serve 'al-fresco' and enjoy every mouthful!