SIMPLESTART : Sweet Banana Oaty Bites

Simply pour some jumbo porridge oats into a bowl and flavour with cinnamon, nutmeg and artificial sweetener to your personal taste.

In a second bowl, dollop some Total 0% fat Greek yoghurt, Flavour with vanilla essence and artificial sweetener to your liking.

These are very easy to make, but don't attempt to use your hands as you will get very messy!

Slice the banana and drop a piece into the yoghurt. Coat generously using 2 spoons.

Using a spoon, pick up the yoghurt-coated banana and drop into the oats.

Use your fingers to sprinkle oats over the banana until coated. Turn gently using a fork or spoon until totally covered.

Scoop the yoghurt-coated banana out of the oats using a flat knife and deliver gently onto a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper.

Repeat the process until you have your desired amount. Mist with a little Frylight oil.

Bake for 1 1/2 hours at 170C/325F/Gas3, turning half way and misting with frylight again.

I cook them very slowly because this way, the oats become almost nutty, the yoghurt becomes chewy and the banana caramelises so you have these wonderful areas of toffee-like goo in places.

Leave to cool for snacking, or serve warm with a little more yoghurt like miniature crumble desserts.