Simple Squid Spaghetti

This recipe works out to 8 propoints (approx.370kcal) per portion. That's 2 propoints (approx.130kcal) per serving for the sauce and 6 propoints (240kcal) per serving of pasta. I have used 60g pasta per person, but you can use the quantity of pasta you wish. Just remember to calculate the propoints or calories if you use more.

Each 10g pasta is 1pp (40kcal).


You will need:(serves 2)

1 200g pack chargrilled squid

Most supermarkets have this, M&S do a lovely version.(You can buy raw squid rings if you prefer and chargrill yourself)

2 cloves crushed garlic

Pinch dried chilli flakes

1 small punnet baby plum/cherry tomatoes

Fresh basil leaves

2-4 tablespoons water

Two 60g portions angel hair spaghetti

(Vermicelli nests work well too-three 20g nests per portion)

Black pepper


Pop the tomatoes, garlic, dried chilli flakes and cooked squid in a frying pan with a little frylight oil. Fry on a medium heat until the tomatoes soften. Gently 'burst' the tomatoes by squashing with a wooden spoon, so that the sweet juices release and mix with the fragrant crushed garlic and pungent chilli.

Add some torn basil leaves and 2-4 tablespoons water.


While the sauce cooks and bubbles gently, cook the angel hair spaghetti or vermicelli nests. (To cook pre- weighed portions, see post;EUREKA MOMENT! Portioned Pasta). This takes 4 minutes.

 Divide the sauce evenly between two serving dishes. Add the portioned pasta to the sauce and mix thoroughly. The sauce should be quite loose so that, when you add the cooked pasta to the dish, it absorbs some of the garlicky liquid.

Top with a couple of basil leaves and some freshly ground black pepper.