Scramblewaved Eggs

These work out to 5pp/approx.160kcal per portion but are also Filling&Healthy and SimpleStart friendly.

(N.B this is for the eggs ONLY-you will need to charge separately for any bread you use).


YOU WILL NEED :(Per Portion)

2 medium eggs

100ml skimmed/unsweetened soya milk

pinch of white pepper

a few chives

generous grind of black pepper


You'll need an average-sized mug for this recipe.

Spray the inside of the mug generously with Frylight oil. This stops the egg from sticking and makes it much easier to clean afterwards.

Crack the eggs straight into the mug.

Add 100ml of skimmed or unsweetened soya milk.

Season with ground white pepper then whisk gently to mix thoroughly.

Pop the mug of egg mixture into the microwave on HIGH for one minute.

Leave it uncovered.

Stir gently with a fork.

Pop back into the microwave for one more minute on HIGH.

Leave uncovered.

The egg will be thoroughly cooked.

Mix gently using a fork to break up the solidity.

Mix to your required texture.

I like large, uneven lumps, some people prefer a very fine texture.

Mix gently so that the air and lightness is retained.

Distribute evenly onto your chosen toast/crumpets etc.

Using scissors, snip chives over the surface of the scramblewaved eggs.

Add a grind of black pepper.

Enjoy the most perfectly scrambled eggs ever!



If you halve this mixture, the portion is 3pp/approx.80kcal. You will need to reduce the cooking time by around half too-remember to do it in two 30 second bursts. It may need a little extra time.


This is delicious with 20g smoked salmon snipped into strips and laid on top of the finished eggs and chives.

This is an extra 1pp/approx 25kcal-it's not on the F&H or SS list, so you will need to propoint it.