Super Duper Salad

The basic salad is 5pp/approx.500kcal per portion but this will increase if you add seeds and toasted pine kernels- which I would highly recommend from a flavour, texture and nutritional point of view.

It will also alter if you substitute the salmon for mackerel for example, so please do your own accurate calculations according to weight.

(The serving of peppered salmon in my recipe is 5pp/145kcal).


You will need :(per portion)

1/2 bag mixed salad leaves

A few florets of broccoli

1/4 small watermelon

1 orange or grapefruit

1/2 a mango or papaya

1/2 a pomegranate

Generous handful sugar snap peas

90g serving cooked salmon

(I buy the pre-cooked, peppered or mustard-seed coated - all supermarkets have this)

Juice of 1 lime


7g toasted pine kernels

(Add 1pp/approx.35kcal)

15g mixed nuts and seeds

(Add 2pp/approx.100kcal)


Start by blanching the broccoli florets - boil for 3-4 minutes then plunge into cold water and allow to drain.

Use a large bowl for each serving.

Scatter the salad leaves followed by the broccoli in the bottom of the bowl.

Then, just start building these beautiful, vibrant ingredients into your own work of art. In go the chunks of cubed watermelon with all their juices.

Segment the orange or grapefruit and add in.

Squeeze any juice from the remaining pulp of the fruit... So the dressing is gradually building as you go.

Scatter in the uncooked sugar snap peas and add the sliced mango or papaya.

Squeeze the lime juice all over the salad.

Gently break the fish into chunky pieces with your hands and arrange on the top.

Bejewel the salad with pomegranate seeds and their fragrant juice.

If you are adding nuts, seeds and pine kernels, adorn the top of the salad with a fine scattering of toasted crunchiness.