Stuffed Aubergine

My recipe works out to 1pp/approx.200kcal per serving.

If you're following a Filling & Healthy day, this dish is perfect for you as all the ingredients are on the list.


You Will Need : (Per Serving)

1 small-medium aubergine

4 mushrooms

 a handful of cherry tomatoes

2 cloves garlic

Morrocan spices

(Buy a blend from any supermarket)

Fresh mint

Fresh basil

60g Cottage Cheese

(I used the reduced fat variety. If you like it creamier, use regular cottage cheese but adjust the propoints/calories accordingly).


Cut the aubergine in half. Leave the stalk intact.

Spray with Frylight Oil and roast with the tomatoes, mushrooms and unpeeled garlic cloves for about 40 minutes-1 hour at 200 degrees C.

The aubergine flesh should be soft and turning golden.

Using a metal spoon, scoop the flesh out of the aubergine, leaving the skin intact.

Put it into a mixing bowl.

Chop the mushrooms roughly, then mix all the roasted vegetables together. The garlic will be soft and you can literally squeeze it out of its skin. Mash the aubergine and squash the tomatoes into the mixture using a fork.

Add the freshly chopped herbs along with seasonings and spices to your personal taste.

Add 2/3 of the cottage cheese, leaving some to drizzle over the finished dish.

Generously heap the mixture back into the aubergine skins.

Bake for a further 10-15 minutes.

Just before serving, top with the remaining cool cottage cheese. This gives a delicious. creamy topping to contrast with the hot, spicy filling.



You could use Indian spices instead, and top with a yoghurt/mint raita dip.


You could make the filling much more Italian-flavoured using basil and a little passata. This would also make a fantastic vegetarian Bolognaise sauce for spaghetti or lasagne.


Don't be afraid to adapt and experiment with this recipe-there are so many variations you could make!