Salmon & Cucumber Rolls

These beautiful sushi-style rolls were recently featured in the March issue of WeightWatchers (UK) magazine for my Vintage Tea for Mother's Day article.

They also make a beautiful, refreshing starter or nibble to have with drinks.

Slices of cucumber are layered together to make a flat sheet which is then spread with cream cheese, smoked salmon and prawns. Rolled up and tied, then sliced into 3 sections, this is a feast for the eyes, so delicious and pretty.

Each portion (3 pieces) is 2pp/approx.100kcal


You Will Need : (Per serving)

1 Cucumber

20g Smoked Salmon

I use these square sandwich slices.

20g Cooked, Peeled Prawns

35g Philadelphia Extra Light

Fresh Dill

Lemon Zest 


Take a section of cucumber. Cut the ends off to ensure a neat finish.

Using a julienne peeler, cut strips of peel. You will need 3 per serving.

Using a vegetable peeler, slice 6-8 thin ribbons of cucumber. Overlap to form a rectangular sheet.

Gently lay one sheet of smoked salmon onto the cucumber.

Spread with the cream cheese . Lay the prawns in a line down the centre.

Add the dill and lemon zest.

Carefully, roll the cucumber to enclose the filling.

Using the strips of peel, tie in 3 places.

Cut into 3 sections and arrange on a pretty serving plate.