Triple-Decker Club Sarnie

My megatastic low fat version contains meat, cheese, mustard, mayo, salad, pickles etc and comes in at an amazingly low 7pp/approx.300kcal!

This works for a Filling & Healthy day if you charge 1pp for the mayo, or replace with Quark.


YOU WILL NEED : (Per portion)

3 slices WeightWatchers white Danish sliced bread (or equivalent adding up to 4pp/200kcal)

40g wafer thin ham/chicken/pastrami/Quorn equivalent

1 slice reduced fat cheese

(I used the WeightWatchers brand at 1pp/45kcal per slice

2 tablespoons Lighter than Light mayo

(I used Hellman's at 1pp/20kcal for 2 tablespoons)

1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard

1/2 a fresh tomato

1 pickled gherkin/sliced cucumber

A few salad leaves

Black pepper


2 slices jalepêno pepper


Start by lightly toasting the three slices of bread. Lay the first one on your chopping board.

Add a squiggle of mayo from the 2 tablespoon allowance.

Layer up the whole amount of wafer thin meat/Quorn of your choice. I fold mine like this so that it bulks up the layer of the sandwich.


Spread the wholegrain mustard onto the next piece of toast. Place it mustard-side-down onto the meat layer.

Squiggle some more mayo onto the second side of the toast.

Add the sliced cheese.

Arrange slices of tomato and pickled cucumber/gherkin on top of the cheese. Add jalêpinos if you want a hot kick.

Layer some salad leaves on top. This covers the 'wetness' of the tomato and cucumber preventing any sogginess onto the top layer of toast.

Squiggle the final 1/3 of the mayo onto the third piece of toast.

Season with black pepper, then place the final piece of toast, mayo-side-down, onto the top.

To serve in spectacular, Scooby-snack-style splendour, slice through the sarnie diagonally. Pop onto the serving plate. Use a cocktail stick to secure the layers.

Thread the second half onto the cocktail stick so that it holds together as a high stack.

Secure with a second cocktail stick.

If you're feeling really showy, make a couple of flags out of washi tape and cocktail sticks to pop in the top.

Finally, tuck into this succulent, tasty, toasty stack of joy!