Leek & Celeriac Soup

You Will Need:(For 4 portions)

1 small-medium Celeriac

3 medium-large Leeks

1 1/2 Low-Salt Chicken Stock Cubes

White Pepper

1 Litre Water

To Serve:

Snipped Chives


Cut off the ugly, gnarly outside of the celeriac.

Cut into chunky pieces.

Slice the leeks.

Pop all the chopped ingredients into a pan along with the stock, white pepper and water. Bring to the boil then allow to simmer for around 30 minutes until the vegetables are really soft. Blitz until really smooth and silky.

Serve with a few snipped chives on the top for a delicious starter or light meal.


One serving of this soup is 0pp, more than one bowl is 1pp but if you eat the whole lot it's still only 1pp!

For those of you counting calories, this soup is approx.300kcal for the batch and approx.87kcal per bowl.