Easter Nests

These will only set you back 3pp/approx.130kcal.

(They are exactly 3pp so two are 6pp..etc)


You Will Need: (For 4 Nests)

12 Grapes

40g White Chocolate

1 Warburtons Squareish Wrap

1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder

1 teaspoon Icing Sugar

5g Freeze-Dried Mango

5g Freeze-Dried Strawberries


Start by melting the white chocolate in a small pot/ramekin. Leave the ramekin standing in a little hot water while you work to keep the chocolate at a good consistency.

Pop the grapes onto bamboo skewers.

Spoon the chocolate generously over each grape until totally covered.

Tap the skewer with your finger to allow any excess chocolate to fall back into the pot.

Pinch a tiny amount of cocoa with your fingers and sprinkle onto the wet chocolate for a speckled effect.

Repeat with all the grapes. Stand them in a tall glass to set. Don't allow them to touch. If possible, put them in the fridge to set thoroughly.

While the 'eggs' are setting, make the nests.

Take a Warburtons Squareish Wrap.

Roll up then slice finely into 2-3mm strips using a sharp knife.

Pop into a bowl and mist with a few sprays of Frylight oil. Mix it in with your hands, unravelling the strands and tangling them together.

Heap the strands into four equal mounds on baking parchment.

Shape each one into a pleasing nest shape because once baked, it will go rigid and stay in the shape you make.

Bake for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees C until golden, crisp and rigid.

Sift cocoa powder and icing sugar over the nests to sweeten, flavour and colour them.

Handle carefully. Place onto your chosen serving plate

Weigh out the freeze-dried fruits. 

If you can't get any, use a few chopped dried cranberries, almonds or chocolate drops instead. Just add the propoints/calories if you do this.

Sprinkle the fruits equally between the four nests. Allow to settle into the natural cavities and folds of the nest. It makes such a pretty bejewelled effect.

Finally, very carefully pull the set 'eggs' off the bamboo skewers and arrange 3 on the top of each nest.

For a sophisticated treat, serve on a pale and pretty serving plate.

For a more funky Springtime look, I served mine on some plastic grass!