Chocolate Meringues

This recipe makes 10 generous chocolate meringues with chocolate chips at 2pp/approx.80kcal each.

If you top them with white chocolate like my Christmas puddings, they work out to 3pp/approx.120kcal each.


YOU WILL NEED : (Makes 10 meringues)

3 egg whites

150g caster sugar

2 teaspoons cocoa

25g chocolate chips

For the topping;

30g white chocolate


Whisk the egg whites to form stiff peaks. Add the sugar gradually, whisking thoroughly each time to dissolve the sugar.

Add the cocoa and whisk to mix in.

If making round meringues or Christmas puddings, shape 10 circles onto greaseproof paper.

If making dogs or cats, simply shape using a teaspoon to your desired design.

Add a few chocolate chips.

Use mini pink chocolate beans for dog/cat noses.


Bake for 1 hour at 150C/300F/Gas2 for 1 hour. Then turn the oven down to its coolest setting for another 1-2 hours to dry out.

The meringues will crack a little on the surface but this just adds to their rustic charm!

Allow to cool, then decorate with melted chocolate.

Add finishing touches, such as white chocolate ears and paws. Tie with pretty string for added detail.

If these are gifts, wrap each one individually in a cellophane bag and tie with string and a decorative tag.



You can use various flavours of drinking chocolate instead of cocoa. I used chilli chocolate & lime flavour in mine!