Prawn Lettuce Cups

This dish is extremely low in propoints and calories. (2-4 pp/100-200 kcal per portion, depending on quantity of prawns you use).

You will need:

1 small gem lettuce per person

(Don't buy the tiny ones-they are too small)

Pre-cooked prawns-with lemon/herb

or chilli marinade

(Most supermarkets do these. From experience, these packs usually work out to 3 or 4 propoints for the WHOLE pack, but please check carefully. I can easily eat a whole pack for one portion, but you could share between two if using lots of other ingredients).

A variety of fresh herbs;

coriander, dill, basil, mint, chives.

Spring onions

Fresh lime 

Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce


Start by cutting the bottom off the gem lettuce. This 'releases' the leaves.
Arrange in a circle on your serving plate.
Put a couple of leaves in the centre to fill the gap.

Put one or two prawns in each lettuce leaf, depending on your allocated portion size.

Literally tear and scatter a combination of fresh herbs around the lettuce cups.

 Squeeze half a lime over the prawns and 'blob' a small amount from 1 measured teaspoon of Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce into each lettuce cup
(Please note that 1 teaspoon chilli sauce is 0pp/16kcal whereas 2 teaspoons are 1pp/32kcal).
Slice spring onion and scatter freely over the plate.


 Chicken Tikka Version

I used 140g chicken tikka from a supermarket (4pp/180kcal), 30g Weightwatchers creme fraiche mixed with chopped fresh mint (1pp/40kcal) and 1 teaspoon mango chutney (1pp/40kcal). I squeezed half a lime and chopped all the salad vegetables described above really small. I sprinkled the top with some smoked paprika and ground black pepper.