Peanut Butter Crumpet Surprise

This fabulous little snack will set you back 4pp/approx.160kcal.

(Two would be 8pp)

It's a filling and delicious mini feast, lovely with a cup of tea.


YOU WILL NEED: (per crumpet)

1 crumpet

(I used a crumpet with a propoint value of 2pp - please check as they do vary)

10g lemon curd

10g reduced fat peanut butter


Make a wide slit in the side of the crumpet right into the centre so that it is easy to fill after toasting.

While the crumpet is toasting, weigh out the lemon curd and reduced fat peanut butter.

As soon as it's toasted, fill the crumpet with lemon curd. Close it up.

Spread the top of the crumpet with peanut butter. Leave whole or cut into quarters.

Salty, creamy and peanutty on the outside.

Sweet, tangy and oozy lemon on the inside.



Try swapping the lemon curd for 10g Chocolate Philadelphia. Same propoints, different surprise!

Try flipping it around so that the peanut butter is on the inside and the lemon curd or choccy is on the top!