Noodles with Vibrant Vegetables

If you take a look at the post; CUPBOARD LOVE: Straight-to-Wok Noodles, it explains the various types of noodles you can buy, plus calculated propoints and calories for each variant. They seem to range between 4-6 propoints per packet,(or 190-250 calories), depending on which type you choose.

Personally, I find one individual portion of noodles sufficient because I pack this dish full of vegetables, but you may want two if you are really hungry. Please make a note of my calculations for two bags as the propoints don't 'double up' logically. If you are using a different brand or type of noodle, please calculate carefully.

With your chosen selection of vegetables, you can see this is a pretty low point/calorie meal.

You will need:(per portion)

1 pack Straight-to-Wok noodles of your choice

Frylight Sunflower oil

Reduced salt soy sauce

A selection of brightly coloured vegetables, eg;

red onion

red/yellow pepper

spring onions





Black pepper 


 Start by spraying the pan with Frylight Sunflower oil, then stir-fry the noodles with 1 tablespoon reduced salt soy sauce.

Cook the noodles on their own in the pan for a few minutes so that they absorb the soy sauce and start to 'catch' and go a little crispy.

 Add the chopped vegetables and a little more soy sauce.

I like to keep the veggies fairly chunky and I don't cook them for too long- just a few minutes, so that they retain their bright colours and don't go soggy.

I've also found that spring onions are MUCH sweeter and tastier if cut into long sections, about 4-5 cms long rather than finely sliced....absolutely delicious.


After a few minutes of stir-frying the combined ingredients, put the noodles and the vegetables in the serving dish and eat with chopsticks. This will slow your pace of consumption down and you should fill up more efficiently.