Magical Mushroom Soup

The WHOLE panful makes around 12 servings and is only 2pp so, unless you eat gallons of it, it's  0sp/pp per bowl.

(I've worked out the calories to be approx.432 for the WHOLE pan, which is approx.36kcal per bowl).

It's perfect for a NoCount/Filling & Healthy day too!



You will need:

A large saucepan or stockpot

3 punnets mushrooms

(I use white;350g, chestnut;350g, flat;250g)

3 red onions

3 cloves garlic

2 tablespoons low salt soy sauce

2 beef stock cubes

(vegetable works equally well)

white pepper

black pepper

fresh basil leaves

Frylight sunflower oil

To finish;

2 teasp 0% fat Greek yoghurt thinned with a little skimmed/soya milk or water

Chopped chives


Spray Frylight oil into the base of the pan.(8 sprays should be enough). Chop the onions and garlic really roughly and fry for a few minutes until starting to colour. Add 2 tablespoons low salt soy sauce. Chop the mushrooms really roughly (small ones can go in whole) and add to the pan.

Add a few torn fresh basil leaves, the crumbled stock cubes and cover with boiling water leaving about 4" or 15 cms from the top of the pan. Season generously with white and black pepper. (The white pepper is a really important ingredient). I like it with a fiery kick, but you season to your taste.

Cover and bring the soup to the boil, then let it simmer for 30 minutes to an hour. Remove from the heat then blitz with a hand blender. (I bought a great one from Sainsbury's basics range for £5 ). This is the safest and easiest way to blitz soup as you put the blender straight into the pan and you're not having to transfer hot liquid into another container. Saves on the washing up too. Make sure the soup is really well blended and silky smooth.

Ladle into bowls.

To make the soup really decorative and creamy, thin a couple of teaspoons of 0% Total yoghurt down with a little milk or water. Swirl roughly on the surface of the soup and draw lines in both directions with a cocktail stick to make a 'feathered' effect then snip fresh chives on the top with scissors to serve.