Incredible Vegetable Soup 2 ways

The soups work out to 4 propoints (or approx.670 kcal) for THE WHOLE 2 PANS.

(0pp per bowl).


You will need:

A large stockpot, plus a medium saucepan.

4 red onions

1 onion

3 cloves garlic, peeled

3 sticks celery

3 leeks

8 medium carrots

8-10 teaspoons reduced salt vegetable bouillon powder

white pepper

black pepper

2-3 teaspoons medium curry powder

For serving the thin broth;

very finely sliced carrot

vermicelli (2pp/72kcal per 20g 'nest')

For serving the thick soup;

 reduced fat creme fraiche

fresh coriander

fresh pomegranate seeds


Fill the stockpot about 3/4 with water and add all the vegetables, roughly sliced and chopped along with 4-5 teaspoons stock, white and black pepper to taste, and bring to the boil.

Put a lid on and allow to simmer for an hour or so, even longer if you have time.

Switch off and allow to cool slightly (just so that you are not handling boiling hot stock).


Strain all of the clear liquid into a medium saucepan, season to taste with a little more white pepper and stock powder if necessary. This is a clear stock, but should not have an insipid flavour.

It is lovely served simply, like this.

I allow 20g (one little 'nest') of vermicelli per person (2pp/72kcal). I cook a few fresh, thinly sliced carrots with the pasta which look beautiful floating about gently in the clear stock.


You could also freeze the stock in portions, or even ice-cube trays, to add to recipes such as gravy or sauces where you would normally add a stock cube.


Now, for the thick soup!

Add a little fresh water to the vegetables remaining in the pan and 'blitz' with a hand held blender until thick and smooth. If it's too thick, add a little more water until it's the consistency you like. Season with some vegetable bouillon and white and black pepper to taste. You could serve it like this, as a thick, tasty, robust vegetable soup.


If you like curry, you will love this version! Just add 2-3 teaspoons

of curry powder to the soup. 

 You might want to add some low-salt soy sauce, some chilli flakes, or even some fresh chilli.


To serve;

Blend 1 teaspoon reduced fat creme fraiche with a little water so that it is the consistency of single cream.

Drizzle it in a rough spiral on the soup.

Then take a skewer or sharp knife, and 'feather' the creme fraiche. Do this by drawing lines along the surface of the soup from the centre of the bowl to the outside of the bowl about 5 times, then back the other way from the outside of the bowl back to the centre of the bowl, in-between the first strokes you have made. The easiest way to describe it, is a spiders web design.

Roughly scatter some fresh coriander leaves, then sprinkle some fresh pomegranate seeds in the centre.