My recipe works out to 18sp/approx.680kcal for the WHOLE amount. This will easily serve 8 people as a dip working out to 2sp/approx.85kcal per portion. 

(You could weigh the whole amount then divide into individual ramekins for accurate portioning).



 1 carton organic chickpeas

(230g drained weight-keep the water)

(I used the Tesco variety. I find for a few pence more the organic chickpeas taste less sour and are larger, but you can use any regular tin of chickpeas)

2 tablespoons tahini

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon garlic puree

2 teaspoons olive oil

black pepper to taste


Drain the chickpeas and keep the water on one side-you may like to add a little at the end to adjust the texture/ consistency of the houmous.

Pop into the food processor with the tahini.

The water from chickpeas is known as aquafaba. This is a useful ingredient in vegan recipes as it can be used as a replacement for egg whites for coating foods before covering in breadcrumbs, or even whisked to make vegan meringues!

Add the juice of a whole lemon.

Add the garlic puree and black pepper.

Once all the ingredients are in the food processor, pulse-blend until the houmous is your desired consistency. I like mine really smooth but you could leave it quite coarse.

Have a taste. This is really important-you might like your more lemony, a little more tahini or garlic...just remember to add any extra smartpoints/calories if you do this.

Add the olive oil, blitz again then mix in a little of the chickpea water if required, mixing thoroughly until it is just how you like it.

Serve with vast amounts of carrot and cucumber sticks!

Try serving with tortlilla chips-just add the neccessary smartpoints/kcal.



Just remember, you could add fresh garlic, herbs, or any flavourings you really like. Experiment with curry powder, chilli and lime, fresh coriander, add beetroot for a vibrant pink houmous!



One of my favourite meals is to serve the houmous with falafel and pita bread;

Simply toast a pita bread(4sp),load with 4 tablespoons houmous (2sp),spinach leaves, 2 hot,crispy Cauldron falafel (2sp each)

2 teaspoons tahini (2sp)and a drizzle of sriracha chilli sauce.

Completely amazing!