Fastest ever Salmon Pate

You will need:

 120g cooked, peppered salmon

50g Philadelphia extra light

Juice of 1 lemon or lime

Fresh dill

Black pepper


 This amount of peppered salmon works out to 6 propoints (approx 250 kcal). You can use any cooked fish; smoked trout fillets are delicious, even tinned tuna. Propoints and calories will vary so please recalculate if you adapt the recipe. All versions are equally delicious- so it's really about preference or availability!

Try using a lime occasionally instead of lemon to ring the changes.


50g of Extra light Philadelphia is 1 propoint.(approx 50 kcal) So....this recipe makes a large bowl of pate-easily enough for 2-4 portions depending on how hungry you are. The finished dish is propoints (approx 300 kcal) for the WHOLE bowl.

This works out to;

2 portions= 4pp (150 kcal) each

3 portions=2pp (100 kcal) each

4 portions=2pp (75 kcal)each


Literally flake the fish with a fork and combine with the other ingredients. It's as simple as that! 


Serve with crispbread or toast.(Remember to add the propoints or calories for this).

Great for a nutritious, light lunch or starter-or a snack any time of day!


HANDY TIP: Weigh the whole amount then calculate and apportion servings into little ramekin pots and keep in the fridge for those 'Smash & Grab' moments.