Egg White and Almond Milk Pancakes

You will need:(makes 12 small pancakes)

125g plain white flour

3 tablespoons liquid egg white

(this is equivalent to 1 whole egg or 1.5 egg whites in volume)

250ml Alpro almond milk

This whole amount is 14pp/approx 540kcal.

This works out to;

1 pancake=1pp, 2 pancakes=2pp,

3 pancakes=4pp, 4 pancakes=5pp,

5 pancakes=6pp, 6 pancakes=7pp,

7 pancakes=8pp, 8 pancakes=10pp,

9 pancakes=11pp, 10 pancakes=12pp,

11 pancakes=13pp and 12 pancakes=14pp 

Each pancake is approx.45kcal


Sift the flour into a mixing bowl.

Make a well and add the egg white.

Whisk to form a thick batter.

Add the almond milk gradually, beating as you go so that no lumps form.

The finished batter should be quite thick as these pancakes are the small, round American-style ones.

Cook in a hot pan sprayed with Frylight Sunflower oil. I used a generous dessertspoon of batter per pancake.

Cook until they are a lovely golden brown colour-literally 2-3 minutes each side.


 To Serve; 

If you are adding Parma ham like I did, simply trim the excess fat off and cut each slice in half.

Cook the ham in a hot griddle pan sprayed with Frylight Sunflower oil, until really, really crispy.

Each slice is 1pp/37kcal. I allowed 2 slices per person. This is 2pp.

Remember to add these propoints or calories to the pancakes if you decide to use Parma ham.


 I also added a selection of soft, red fruits-strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I drizzled one measured teaspoon of golden syrup on the top of everything. This is 0pp/20kcal. (It goes up to 1pp if you use two teaspoons).


One serving of this breakfast (4 pancakes, 2 slices Parma ham, fresh fruit and 1 teaspoon golden syrup), is 7pp/approx 325kcal per portion.