Easter 'Eggs'

This recipe will work for any meringue dish such as pavlovas or nests.

These are only 1 propoint (40 kcal) each for the small ones, or 3 pp (120 kcal) for the huge ones.

They are really easy to make but you just need a little time for them to dry out effectively-(at least 2 hours after baking).

You will need:

4 Egg whites

(Or 8 tablespoons of liquid egg white )

240g caster sugar

1/2 tablespoon essence of rose water

Baking Parchment


To colour;(optional)

Blueberries (a handful)

Raspberries (a handful)

These fruits need to be 'zapped' in separate ramekin dishes in the microwave for 1 minute, then sieved so that you have about a tablespoon of rich-coloured juice, for natural colouring.


Preheat the oven to 150 degrees centigrade.

Put the egg whites in a mixing bowl and whisk with an electric whisk.

Once the egg white is forming stiff peaks, start to add the sugar one tablespoon at a time, whisking well in between each addition.

When the mixture is really firm and glossy, it's ready. Mix in the essence of rose water.


You can make the meringues at this stage, but for added interest, I like to colour some of the mixture with natural fruits.

Divide the mixture into 3 batches. Keeping one of the batches white, colour the other two with the natural fruit juices.

Mix the colour in loosely, so that you get a 'marbled' effect. For a more solid but subtle colour, mix the natural colouring in more thoroughly. Or do a combination, like I did.


Pop some baking parchment onto a baking tray.

Using a dessertspoon, gently dollop the mixture into various sizes of egg-shaped, oval mounds. Pile it high so you get that 'eggy' shape as obviously, the base will be flat. I worked out that this amount of mixture makes approximately 27 meringues of 1 dessertspoon size each. So, if you make various sizes, do them as 1 dessertspoon size (1pp/40kcal), 2 dessertspoon size (2pp/80kcal) and 3 dessertspoon size (3pp/120kcal) for the huge ones so that you can work out the points and calories easier when serving.


Bake for 30 minutes.

Turn the oven off and leave the meringues to dry out gently in the warm oven for as long as possible-at least 2 hours, preferably overnight.


To Serve:

Sandwich 2 small ones together with half a pot of chocolate Philadelphia for 3pp in total (120kcal), or some cinnamon creme-fraiche, which would be a very lovely treat.
You could also tie two large ones together with string and put a fresh sprig of Springtime flowers in the string to make a proper 3D 'egg'.