Chocolate 'Truffles'

They work out to 1pp/approx 60kcal each or 3pp for two.


YOU WILL NEED: (Recipe makes approx.16)

50g cashew nuts

50g raisins

100g dried dates

1 tablespoon Chocshot

(I used the Orange Spice flavour-try plain or coconut too)

20g cocoa powder/pollenta/rice flour/fine biscuit crumbs for coating


dried rose petals to decorate


Simply combine the cashew nuts, raisins and dates in a food processor. Blitz until finely chopped.

The mixture will be quite grainy until you add the Chocshot. This is the magic ingredient that will combine it into a paste-like consistency and give the 'truffles' a rich chocolate flavour.

Blitz for a few seconds to bring the mixture together.


Using a half-tablespoon, roll each measure into a ball. The mixture is quite sticky.


Roll in the coating of your choice. I tried pollenta but I prefer cocoa as they look like authentic truffles coated in this fine chocolatey dusting.

The mixture should make around 16 'truffles' if you measure accurately.

Pop onto a plate and chill if possible for a couple of hours to harden them up a little.

Pop into miniature petit four cases. You can decorate with a few dried rose petals, chopped nuts or just leave plain and simple.