Chargrilled Vegetable kebabs with Salsa Salad and Yoghurt Chili Dip

This WHOLE meal is 0pp.

For calorie-counters I've worked out that it is approx.300kcal.


You Will Need:For the kebabs: 2-3 kebabs per person

(N.B I haven't put quantities apart from the yoghurt as all ingredients are 0pp.

For calorie counters, you will need to calculate depending on quantities used).



Cherry Tomatoes


Red pepper

Green pepper



Garlic (crushed)

Low-salt soy sauce

Dried Italian Herbs

Frylight sunflower Oil

Black Pepper

Bamboo skewers


For the Salsa Salad:


Red onion



Fresh mint

Juice of 1 lime

Black pepper


For the Yoghurt Dip:

2 teaspoons 0% fat Greek yoghurt per portion. (Any more than this will have to be Propointed)

Fresh red chili

Spring onion


Start by chopping the kebab vegetables into chunky pieces.

Put them in a large mixing bowl and add seasoning as you go, spraying with Frylight oil to coat the veggies.

Add the low-salt soy sauce, herbs and crushed garlic.

Mix really well so everything has a good coating of flavours.

If you want them spicy, add some Piri-piri seasoning or dried chili. You could even use some Indian spices.

Thread the vegetables onto bamboo skewers. Allow 2-3 skewers per person.

Trickle any remaining marinade over the kebabs.

Leave to one side while you make the salad and dip.


To make the salsa salad, cut all the ingredients into very small cubes

(about 1cm), then add the lime juice, chopped fresh mint and black pepper.


For the yoghurt dip, put 2 teaspoons 0% fat Greek yoghurt per person into a small side dish.

Add some finely chopped fresh red chili and sliced spring onion.


Arrange the side dishes onto serving plates, then cook the kebabs.

Grill under a high heat or griddle in a pan until the vegetables start to blacken in parts. Turn so that each side gets a good grilling-about 4-5 minutes each side. 

Arrange the cooked kebabs onto the serving plate alongside their vibrant accompaniments.