Box of Choccy Fruits

Here's a great comparison for Ferrero Rocher chocolate is 2pp/73kcal...the whole box of 15 comes to 31pp/1095kcal. 

My whole box of choccy fruits is 5pp/approx. 220kcal!



1 empty Ferrero Rocher box

(15 choccy size)

15 petit four cases

5 strawberries

5 pieces chewy dried banana

5 soft dried apricots

22g chocolate

(plain, milk or white)


Fill the spaces in the chocolate box with petit four cases. Select even-sized fruits.

Melt the chocolate over hot water or in the microwave until a runny consistency.

Half-dip all the fruits and leave to set on greaseproof parchment.

Any remaining chocolate can be flicked over the fruits in a random style using a teaspoon. It looks messy at this stage, but really professional once set!

Once thoroughly set

(around 45 minutes to an hour),

arrange the fruit in lines in the box.