'Melted' Apples

My 'melted' apples are 0pp/approx.55kcal each



Small eating/garden apples

1 teaspoon icing sugar


Simply wash the apples and leave whole. 

Place on a baking tray.

Make a hole in each apple. This is to insert the stick into once baked.

I used a chopstick.

Bake at 150C/300F/Gas2 for around 2 hours until the apples are really soft and the skin  has hardened but isn't burnt. Some natural syrup will leak out of the apples.

While still hot, scoop up some of the syrup and place onto the apples. This will go crisp when cooled and tastes of burnt toffee.

Pop sticks into the apples.

Pop the apples carefully into cupcake cases. Dust lightly with icing sugar through a fine sieve. (A tea strainer is ideal for this). 


You'll only need 1 teaspoon of icing sugar for up to about 10 apples-it only needs to be a very fine layer.

Serve slightly warm as a pudding or outside in the cold Autumnal air-you can eat them with your fingers by holding onto the stalk but take care as they are very soft!