March 2017 - Fr Sean Wilson & Julia Monnin continue their discussion of the Mass (Click here to Listen In) 
February 2017 - With special guest, Fr Sean Wilson (Click here to Listen In)
January 2017 - With special guests, Tim & Darla Dietz (Click here to Listen In)
December 2016 - With special guest, Fr Patrick Sloneker (Click here to Listen In)
November 2016 - With special guest, Tony Monnin  (Click here to Listen In)
October 2016 - With special guest, Michelle Jacobs, St Joe Youth Ministry Coordinator (Click here to Listen In)
September 2016 - With special guest, Grace Weatherhead (Click here to Listen In)
August 2016 - Initial podcast by Pastoral Associate, Julia Monnin features Fr. Sean Wilson. (Click here to Listen In)