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Llama Roja

Inspired by the legendary Way Huge Red Llama and the old school Craig Anterton Tube Sound Fuzz, the Llama Roja is a gain based pedal that defies classification as simply an overdrive or distortion pedal. When front-ending your favorite tube amp, you can dial in a wide range of settings on the Volume and Fuzz controls (don't take the word Fuzz too literally) achieving tones that range from a very powerful clean-ish boost, to a highly transparent overdrive (no big mid-hump like all those TS808 clones), to a slightly "hairy" distortion. It's two knob simplicity makes learning to use the pedal quick and easy. But perhaps the best thing about this pedal is the fact that it reacts like a great tube amplifier. From the crisp attack, to the strong, slightly soft bottom end, to the sparkling highs, you'll find all the elements. Plus, (my personal favorite feature) when you lower the volume on your guitar, it cleans up beautifully, allowing you to control your dynamics and tonal charater right from the guitar. This is very unusual for a pedal.

Sound clips -- click here.

[Note: Sound clips made with a LP Jr into the Red Llama into a Matchless Lightning. Reverb added in the recording. The first two clips have the Red Llama on throughout. In the the last clip (Joe Walsh tune), it is off intially, and then turned on. You'll notice the tone gets more "present " and "articulate".]

Use the Llama Roja to kick your tube amp's preamp into high gear. Use it to sweeten a lackluster amps's tone. Use it to provide great dynamics and tone at low volumes on a clean amp. You will be amazed at how much you can do with this great pedal.

The Llama Roja has all of the features you've come to expect in a finely hand crafted effect pedal. Very high impedance providing enhanced clarity and definition, true bypass, 9 volt battery operation, standard Boss-style AC adapter jack, and a bright indicator LED for those dark stage environments (red of course).

The Llama Roja has been designed and built with the usual Freedom Tube Amplification care and quality to give you many years of great tone. You no longer have to pay vintage prices to get a pedal like this (Red Llama's have sold for over $500 on eBay recently). 


Llama Roja     $175     introductory price

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We build our pedals with the highest quality parts, to give you the best tone for many years to come, just like our fine tube amps.