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Welcome to the home of the Freedom Tube Amplification, makers of the MiniWreck all tube amplifier, and the amazing Llama Roja boost / overdrive pedal. Also, Freedom Tube Amplifiers can provide expert service and maintenance, and we can install some awesome modifications to your tube amplifier, extending and enhanceing it's useful life.

The MiniWreck is a small all-tube guitar amplifier, that is ideal for both playing at home and recording in the studio, as well as for mid-level rehearsals. It has its heritage in a much revered amplifier from an infamous amp builder in NJ, but takes the basic idea in a little different direction. Rather than a massive, stage appropriate volume level, the MiniWreck is perfect for those lower volume situations.

The Llama Roja is our first production effect pedal, offering a wide range of boost and overdrive tones with some truly amp-like qualities not found in other pedals. Inspired by the designs of Craig Anderton and others, this pedal takes the original concepts a step further with some modern features that really distinguish it in the field. You'll love this pedal! And (no surprise) it sounds fantastic with the MiniWreck.

At Freedom Tube Amplification, every amp and every effect pedal is built to order, completely by hand, using very high quality components and with great attention to detail. You'll find that the MiniWreck, the Llama Roja and other Freedom Tube Amplification products are very well built, and we are sure you will agree that they also sound great. But most importantly, you'll also find us easy to deal with - we take our customers very seriously, and want each one of you to be happy enough to feel comfortable referring us to your friends.

The MiniWreck and Llama Roja are both available now, and we will have other cool guitarist toys coming soon.

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