This page is for the first year of HL IB Biology!  Welcome to the course.  This website is designed to help you reach success with this course.  Below, I have listed a number of handy items relating to the course.


The syllabus for the course can be found here:




Read and understand what is in this document. 


The general regulations for the IB program can be found at:




Again, you should know and understand what is in this document.

The Summer Assignment can be found at:



We are planning to use the Pearson Baccalaureate Biology Textbook for the HL Level.  Note that this is HL level; do not get the SL version.  At this point, we are thinking to require the e-Test only option although you are welcome to get combination of both print and e-Text.  The current price listing is 35.99 Euro for the e-Text.  Note that this is the HL version and is ordered after the SL options.

Click here to link to page to purchase the textbook


To the left, please find a calendar to the course, downloadable copies of assignments and power points, links to helpful sites, links to Quizlet where you can find vocabulary for each sub-unit.


I wish you an enjoyable and beneficial time in the class! 

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