ASB Clubs & Government

There are two platforms for organized clubs:

  1. Non-Fundraising Student Clubs (Hobby/Social)  - May be created year-round
  2. Fundraising ASB Clubs (Fully Sponsored) - Applications only accepted in the Spring for the NEXT school year

What's the difference between "Non-Fundraising Clubs" and "Fundraising ASB Clubs"?

  1. Non-Fundraising Student Clubs must have an adult advisor who is part of the SLHS staff, but cannot fundraise or spend through an ASB account
  2. Fundraising ASB Clubs can fundraise and spend through an ASB account and must have a certificated adult advisor: SLHS Teacher or Administrator

Both types require an advisor, the completion of an application and the submission of a yearly review. Both types MUST request to hold events on campus.

  • A "Fundraising ASB Club" also requires the submission of a budget. 
  • Applications for "Non-Fundraising Student Clubs" are accepted throughout the school year.

18-19 SLHS ASB & Hobby Club Forms