Four New Houseboats Available

Four new houseboats have become available in the spectacular Blake Passage area (modeled on the Alaskan Inside Passage). Check them out in the Juneau North region.

Themed Area Rentals

All of our rentals are organized on the AVAILABLE Leases page by area name.  (See Tab at top.)

Below are details about each area or type of rental presented in alphabetical order. See the map to the right.

Balboa Estates

These tropical islands are wrapped around the Hollywood sim stretching to the North and East. From one to four islands are available in each sim These islands are some of the oldest sims HRE and have extremely low turn over.

Blake Estates

These are private owned sims to the east of the Linden-owned Blake Sea. With regions of the Blake Sea wrapping around half of the region, this Caribbean themed location is the perfect place to live for those that enjoy the ocean-like environment of the Blake Sea.

Blake Passage

These regions have a Pacific Northwest, Inside Passage, Alaska theme.  They  feature beautifully crafted featured multi-region land masses along with island parcels. Every parcel connects to waters that lead to the Blake Sea. The 29 region Blake Passage project is the newest development by HRE and, according to residents, captured the spirit of the Pacific Northwest and Alaskan Inside Passage. 

Fanci's Deep

Fanci's Deep is an exciting innovation in Second Life. We have opened up the seabed to accommodate the underwater lifestyle of mermaids, mermen, sea creatures, and scuba lovers. From Fanci's Deep's underwater gardens you are a mere flip of of the fin or two from the Blake Sea. It is a special and magical environment and certainly a huge space to explore!

Holly Kai Cove

The very best in medium sized parcels (2500 L per week with 1000 prims) with water access on one side and the Holly Kai Park on the other. 

Honah Lee Estates

Built around the six sim island of Honah Lee, these parcels are a combination of islands and Honah Lee main island parcels with a nine sim long horseback riding trail, a recreation of the famous Palomar Observatory (complete with astro-photos taken by MarkTwain White) and beautiful landscaping right out your back door. Come and read the rest of the story of Puff the Magic Dragon as told along the horseback trail.

Sailor's Cove West

These sims are beautifully designed with either a North Woods or New England theme. Ample room is provided to sailing access to the Blake Sea.

Hollywood Real Estate Map

Air and Sea Rentals

These rentals range from airport hangars down to small boat slips. This is a great place to get your piece of "land" near the Blake Sea without breaking the bank.

Hollywood Airport

By far the busiest airport in Second Life, Hollywood Airport (SLHA) sits at the crossroads of the Blake Sea, Nautilus sub-continent and the United Sailing Sims of Second Life. Rental openings at SLHA are hard to come by.

Juneau Airport

Juneau Airport (SLJA) located in the Juneau South region is a beautifully crafted regional airport designed and built by Sam Portocarrera.

SLJA rules are the same as those for SLHA (see above).


Luxury Slips/Moorings, Houseboat Parcels, and SYC Slips
Centered in the Hollywood area and the Juneau area of the Blake Passage luxury slips and moorings each are in their own parcels meaning you can do a number of things that cannot be done on less expensive nautical parcels. You can set the music, set privacy settings, name the parcels and more.

Hollywood Real Estate offers three types of sea-based parcels.

Luxury Moorings

Houseboat Luxury Slips

Starboard Yacht Club Slips

These rules may change from time to time.  Renters will be expected to comply with the most current rules.

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