Q & A

33)  How do you guys feel about me re-doing Volumes 1 & 2, like for me to re-release a better one, without the mistakes?  Since the release of the first volume, I feel like there were some mistakes that I forgot to check.  There is no reboot on the first two volumes, on the main site and now that Volume 3 Issues are finish, along with two short stories.

32) How are handling the two-page update?  Well, it's going little faster than that once a week updates and we will be back to M-W-F very soon.

31) How do you feel about me doing another mini story, after we finish ACT II?  Like, I said, in the September newsletter, for next time, when I go on another hiatus, which will be after ACT 2 is finish.  I will surely do more mini stories during the hiatus and picking up where we left off with, from Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3.  I don't really mind doing the mini stories, but what or how do you feel about it?

30) When will we be back to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays?  It will be soon.

29) Why am I getting ready for the next hiatus?  I just need a break to catch up on some things, plus I need to work on Chapter 7 of TSCG, and I do got 3 mini stories that I will share with you guys, during this long hiatus and I will get back on starting Issue 10 & Chapter 4 later on, once I get off of this hiatus.

28) What will you be seeing in this mini story, that I just started updating today?  Toni Cipriani, Evil Howe, Tom Phillips, Bryan Johnson, John Andre, and General William Howe.  Plus, I got some important people (or actors)in this mini story, their actors by the way.  They are: Michael Gaston, if you seen TURN: Washington's Spies, Jack Davenport, Seth Numrich, and Danny Mastrogiorgio.
Seth Numrich
Danny Mastrogiorgio & Michael Gaston

27) How are you liking the new guy, so far?  Toni Cipriani will be very useful in the Series and he will also appear in the Book Three Arc of the story, so I'm looking forward to that.

26) Do you like Evil Howe?  I'm the one who came up with the idea, in the first place.  Plus, Evil Howe is a love/hate character, for me and you to enjoy.  And he can be little creepy, at time, even while me writing his lines.

25) What do you like about Issue 9?  It's full of drama, Evil Howe, and that's about pretty much it.

24) What happens, if the Series was 100% finish?  Well, I will have a spin-off Series(or Series Two), which will happen, after this Series is finish.

23) Do you think William Howe is going to be doom or is he having one of those nightmares again?  All I can say: is that he is having a bad dream, but you never know if it's real or not.  I guess that we have to read to find out, then!

22) Are you ready to see Evil Howe?  100% ready to see the main bad guy of the story, of course!  I had some people asking me about when Evil Howe will be showing up.  I said: We are getting there, to that point real soon.

21) So,who do you think is controlling the dreams now?  Evil Howe, of course!

20) What do you think will happen in ACT II?  Well, I gotta say, the dreams starts to lose control and it's getting much worst, day by day.  General Howe will try to get away from it.  And we'll be seeing Evil Howe & General Thomas Gage during the 2nd ACT.  It will be only five Issues long.

19) What was the greatest moment of ACT I so far?  One of the best moments in Sleepy Hollow, was writing the scripts and working on the comics.  I do sure enjoy reading my own comic, by the way.

18) Which Issue has the most pages . . . Issue #1 or Issue #6?  Issue #6.  Why?  It's because that Issue 6 has 24 pages, while Issue 1 has only 8 pages.

17) What do you think of Captain John Andre and do you guys miss him alot?  Well, I do know that I miss him very much and hoping that he will return someday.

16) What do you think of Bryan Johnson and is he more into General Howe's dreams?  I think of him as the sweet loving character in the British Army and he can be very caring.  The one person that Bryan don't like, is Clinton.  He is willing to help General Howe out with any problems and dream problems as well, too.

15) What do you think of John Hampton and does he hate John Phillips?  He seems to be a nice guy and he might not like John Phillips all that much.  John Phillips will grow more hate on John Hampton in later Issues.

14) What do you think of General Henry Clinton and will he ever believe General Howe and the dreams?  He's fun to have around even though some of you hate him in vain . . . But I do hate him and that's what make this comic so fun, is to hate someone and then, put it right into the comic.  The once major question about him believing . . . Well, he's not too deep into Howe's dreams, like John Phillips or Tom or John Andre.

13) What do you think of John Phillips and had he changes one bit when it comes to dreams?  What I think of John Phillips, is that he's fun to have and he has his moments.  He is at the point of believing at 50% and he will still grow into the believing the whole dreams thing in Issue 7 and later Issues.

12) What do you guys think of Tom Phillips and is he a close friend to General Howe?  I think Tom is a great guy with a brain and is not scared of General Clinton.  He is one of Howe's closes allies and a good friend.

11) What do you think about General William Howe and what should he do about the dreams he has been having since Issue 1?  General Howe is a great hero and what he should do with the dreams, is to talk to somebody to see if they will help him solve the puzzle.

10) How do you feel about Issue 6 so far, even though we just started the chapter?  It will get better towards the end of Issue 6.

9) How do you guys feel about General Howe being the main character?  It was hard to decide on who should of been the main character so I decided to make General Howe the main character and left him with the nightmares and he's a great guy.  I know some of you don't like him, I fully understand that part.  And some of you wanted Tom Phillips to be the main character with the dreams but he's more of the listener type guy and I fear that if he did ends up with the dreams, he would of killed himself if he did.

8) What is your favorite Issue so far?  All of them!

7) What do you like about Clinton?  I like it when he get's into fights with General Howe.

6) Who do you think is the strongest of all?  General William Howe or Tom Phillips?  Tom Phillips because of the fact that the dreams never slowed him down.

5) Who is the shadowed figured man next to General Howe in this panel? 
That is Evil Howe, now that we are through ACT I and now that you have already knew that.

4) What do you think of Lt. Bryan Johnson so far?  He's very sweet loving and caring.

3) What character do you hate the most?  General Henry Clinton

2) Who is your Favorite Character of Sleepy Hollow?  All you need is one answer or one favorite character . . . General William Howe

1) What do you think of this series or comic? . . .  The series is doing a lot very well.
What are your thoughts? . . .