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General William Howe is married but no kids of his own.  He starts off having nightmares about the Headless Horseman before he goes to Boston.  He then told Tom Phillips about the nightmares and then he told John Andre about it, too.  Then again, the nightmares came back to haunt him.  Howe found out about three women killed and ten more were also killed by the unknown killer (or was it the headless horseman?).  The dark figure known as Evil Howe plans on capturing Howe and causing the nightmares.

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ACT I: The Nightmares That Haunts You
Issue 0 | Coming Soon Late March

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Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 3
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~ 3.16.17

There are 165 total pages now!

We will wrap up on Hiatus: Part 3 on Monday and start Part 4 at the same time.  Then, on Wednesday, we will wrap up on Part 4 and jump right into Part 5 at the same time, like always.

We are not finish with the reboot, but it looks like that we don't have much on the hiatus updates and by the end of the month, we sure will reboot the main story, by kicking off with Issue 0(which is not my first Issue, but Issue 1 is by far the first).

The store has been relaunch! ...

I'm not gonna worry about the release date for the upcoming plots, anyway.  Sorry, for the bad news, but there are some good news ... I will relaunch the store on the 10th of this month.  So, the single Issue or Chapter will be $0.99 cents, while the volumes at $1.99 and the books will go as $3.99.  It will start off with Sleepy Hollow, then TSCG, and NCIS Series, when I release them.  So, for the five new releases will go as $1.99 before it goes .99 cents.  How does that sounds?  I'm very ready and I will have the five new release on the The Duck Webcomics for each series.

I have a release date for Act III ... 8.21.17

Once the reboot is out of the way, Sleepy Hollow will update day/night on Sundays & Saturdays; TSCG will soon update Monday through Friday nights; & NCIS will also soon be updating on Mondays through Fridays during the daytime.  Like I say, once the reboots is done and over with for each of the three comic series'.  And for TSCG, we will restart Chapter 10 afterwards, on the new update days.

After The Reboot
Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part 6~Restart
TSCG | Chapter 10~Restart
NCIS/LA Crossover~Start Issue 2

Here are the new update days ...

Sleepy Hollow | Mon through Fri
TSCG | Mon through Fri
NCIS | Mon through Fri
(It will take effect on March 10th, for NCIS Series)

Our next plots release date is ??? ... TSCG | Chapter 4

Sleepy Hollow | Mon . Tues . Wed . Thur . Fri
The Sin City Girls | Mon . Tues . Wed . Thur . Fri
NCIS | Mon . Tues . Wed . Thur . Fri

We must honor our fallen police officers

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Danny & Yvonne sure do look cute together!

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