General William Howe is married but no kids of his own.  He starts off having nightmares about the Headless Horseman before he goes to Boston.  He then told Tom Phillips about the nightmares and then he told John Andre about it, too.  Then again, the nightmares came back to haunt him.  Howe found out about three women killed and ten more were also killed by the unknown killer (or was it the headless horseman?).  The dark figure known as Evil Howe plans on capturing Howe and causing the nightmares.

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ACT III | Issue #13
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It looks like that we will be wrapping up on Issue 13 on Thursday, then.

ACT III is only five Issues long, pretty much like ACT II.  There will be three new cast members that will be joining the series.  First up, we got Mrs. Betsy Loring, Col. John Petersmith, and William's older brother, Richard Howe.  You may already met Richard and Betsy but you have not met John Petersmith.  Petersmith will be another bad guy, working along with Evil Howe.

~Christmas Break: December 20th through January 3rd and resume update on the 4th(Issue 14)

So, here is the order of what series is next ... For Random Wednesday!

Crossover Series
NCIS: NOLA-Starts in 2018
NCIS: NYC-Starts in 2018
Sleepy Hollow-Starts in 2018(Only for one month)
TSCG-Starts in 2018(Only for one month)

You will only get one page out of Random Wednesday, so no Day/Night for Wednesdays

I will not be giving ACT II a name, even though you can see it on the cover.  Acts 4-8 will be nameless, going forward.

So, why am I labeling my short stories as Story #?  It would be a lot easy for me to make room on this website and on Upcoming Pages as well, also.  I have them listed, down below.

Michelle & Joey: First Date-Story 6
Mike & Sarah: First Date-Story 7
Howe Falls In Love-Part 1
Howe Falls In Love: Part Two-Part 2

After ACT 3 is finish, we sure will move onto what I have promise a few years back, the Howe Falls In Love mini series.  And no hiatus updates in between Act 3 & the mini series.  And we will also restart the very first one which we've done before, but decided to restart it anyway and there is a Part 2 that will follow up on the first one, which was only 7 pages long, along with a few fan arts that were included.

I've made out a list of the cast for the 2nd Series of Sleepy Hollow, but I won't share that, not just yet.  Remember, we are still in Book One of the first Series, so it's way too early.  When the time is right, then I will talk about it.

So, that's all I have to say ...

Here are the new update days ... 
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Crossover Series | Mon
Random Wednesdays-NCIS, NCIS: LA, & Crossover Series(Starts November of this year for NCIS, LA, & Crossover Series, while Sleepy Hollow & TSCG in February of next year)

Sleepy Hollow | Story 2: The Joy of Christmas
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So, be sure to check out my page buffer link(on the right side of the page) & my work progress(also on the right side of the page).

Danny & Yvonne sure do look cute together!

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Story 3: The Phillips Brothers~12.19.17
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ACT I, Issue 2~5.15.18
ACT I, Issue 3~6.19.18
Volume 1~7.24.18