What's this all about?

The Sleepy Hollow Middle School and High School offer you a set of extracurricular math activities to suit a wide range of curiosities, talents and competitive spirits.
The aim of this webpage is to inform you of those activities, and to urge you to take part in them and strive to do your best!

Why should I do extracurricular math?

To sharpen your skills!
To take on more challenging problems than those found in the standard curriculum!
To find peers with similar interests to you!
To compete for prizes and for the honor of your school!
To demonstrate your interest and your math talent to colleges and scholarship committees!

OK, what can I do?

Join the clubs and teams of the Sleepy Hollow Schools.
Participate in prestigious competitions given by the Sleepy Hollow Schools.
On your own: study or teach at local clubs, read books, solve online contests and problems, take the AMC8 exam and more!
Get inspired by the stories of students in math.
Learn some computer programming on the internet.

News, upcoming events

                Homeschooled 9th grader Owen Dugan took the AMC10B math contest at
                Sleepy Hollow High School on February 15th. He scored in the top 2.5 % of
                all 32,000 students across the United States that took the exam, and
                qualified for the invitational, next-level AIME math contest (3 hours for only
                15 questions!) Congratulations Owen!

       Questions? Feedback?

Contact Ms. Walsh, the chair of the Middle School and High School
departments, at jwalsh@tufsd.org.