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This site is dedicated to to the image of Venus asleep, especially as it pertains to Venice, Italy during the Renaissance.  Many artists such as
Titan, Rubens, Poussin, Renoir, Picasso, and other masters composed variations on Sleeping Venus (Giorgione, c. 1507-10, oil on canvas, 108” x 175”, orig. 103” x 170”, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden).

The sleeping female nude is so popular in Western painting that it almost becomes mundane. But, at the dawn of the sixteenth century it was revolutionary. Giorgione’s rendition is not the first portrayal of a reclining female nude, but it is revolutionary in that it is the first to play into the notion spectatorship.

It is my intention that this website be used by art and art history students, researchers, and professors to facilitate learning. It was created for an assignment at Clarion University for LS.573.W1 with Professor Ha (Department of Library Science).  The information on this website was born out of a seminar and subsequent research at Temple University. I authored the paper entitled Venus Asleep in Italy (2010) as a graduate student in the Art History Department at Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

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