Quick Start

Add a new alarm and schedule your wake up time....

Put your phone into a charger to prevent 
battery discharge before the alarm...
Now you may lay into your bed, place your phone near your body
on the mattress and start sleep tracking...
The phone will start tracking your sleep using the accelerometer 
sensor to find a optimal wake up time before your alarm schedule using the Smart wake up feature. 
We do highly recommend turning off wireless radios during tracking.
When alarm gets triggered you may either dismiss it or choose snooze
If you have CAPTCHA enabled you will need to solve a simple task to stop the alarm 
and proof you are sufficiently awake. 
If configured, your sleep graph is automatically shared 
with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and the app tells you friend that you are going to bed
 and don't want to be disturbed anymore.
Use Application settings in the Alarm tab menu to configure all sort of different behavior of Sleep as Android 
e.g. snooze times, ringtones, smart wake up, ideal daily sleep income, time to bed notification and many more. 
Please consult the documentation on full details on how to use the app correctly and explore all features.