Sleep as Android 
"an alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker, wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings"

Common alarm clocks ignore your sleep cycles, they wake you on schedule no matter your are currently in your deep sleep. Waking up from deep sleep is unpleasant, it makes you tired and it may negatively affect your productivity during the whole day. 

Sleep as Android is different. It tracks your sleep to find the optimal moment for your wake up. Waking up in light sleep is natural, gentle and it may only be compared to the experience of waking up without any alarm clock. 
Sleep as Android is available on the Pebble appstore
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Main features in a glance

  • Sleep cycle tracking
    and smart wake up in optimal sleep phase
  • Sleep deficit stats and time to bed notification
  • Nature sound lullabies for fast fall asleep (+binaural beats)
  • CAPTCHA: gets you out of bed on time (QR code, NFC tag, shake phone, math)
  • Gentle alarm, wake up with light and nature sounds playlists
  • Sleep talk and snoring recording, snoring stats and anti-snoring, room noise stats
  • smart watch (Pebble) sleep tracking and smart light (Philips HUE) wake up
  • Sleep advice, rating and tagging and many more...


Alarm clock — easy alarm time setup, text-to-speech or by typing, use multiple repeating alarms with different settings. Napping support. Time to bed timer and notification. Nature sound and wake up with your music.
Sleep tracking  actigraphic sleep cycles tracking, sleep deficit tracking, smart wake up, sleep quality measures

CAPTCHA  — stops oversleeping and gets you out of bed! QR Code CAPTCHA - alarm won't stop unless you scan a QR Code in your bathroom. Shake you phone CAPTCHA - shake your phone heavily to stop the alarm from ringing. Math CAPTCHA - solve simple mathematical equitation or find the awake sheep with Sleeping Sheep CAPTCHA.

Nature sound Lullabies  for pleasant fall asleep. Rather that fixed recordings our lullabies are real-time synthesized, this means each playback will never be the same as the playback before. We use various techniques to make each lullaby a unique experience. Our lullabies take you into different pleasant environments to free your mind from stress and thoughts on everyday tasks. You may experience diving in the ocean with a whales surround you, lay on grass beside a mountain stream surrounded by various kinds of birds, listening to frogs or crickets, walk on a sandy beach near a port or just sit safe at home near your glowing fireplace listening to the wood crackling...

Diving with whales lullaby example

Snoring detection and anti-snoring — we have greatly improved our snoring detection. Over a long period of time we have gathered some 300 example recordings of snoring and those have been used to teach the algorithm. Snores are marked in your sleep graph, the overall snoring duration is accounted and you may be stopped from snoring by vibration or tongue click sounds. 

SleepStats Add-on  sleep quality measures, deep sleep %, sleep statistics, snoring statistics, life style tagging - #sport, #alcohol, #work...


Full version

Trial version of Sleep as Android will work with no restrictions for one week two weeks after installation. After that, the sleep tracking functionality will be disabled for sleeps starting on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. If you want to continue using full sleep tracking functionality after your trial expired, please consider buying a full version from the Android Market for ~2 EUR and in addition you will get more nature sound ringtones and lullabies.

To unlock Sleep as Android, please purchase the "Sleep as Android Unlock" application from Google Play or Amazon AppStore. DO NOT uninstall Sleep as Android first. The UNLOCK application unlocks your existing version of Sleep as Android and you may keep all your data and graph history and enjoy sleep tracking every day.

Many thanks for your support!